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Summer is officially here and with that comes the idea that you need to put away your lightening/brightening products. You may have heard that lightening during the summer months was a big “no-no” but that’s not entirely true. Summer is actually the time to take a hydroquinone holiday and pick up safe and effective brightening products, like WHITE LIGHTENING COMPLEX and WHITE LIGHTENING SERUM. Get brighter skin the safer way using these two amazing products that are hydroquinone-free!

What is hydroquinone? Hydroquinone is a topical that is used as a skin bleaching agent. This ingredient can be used to lighten dark patches of the skin, like hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and age spots. But there are some serious side effects of using hydroquinone products, like mild burning, stinging, redness, and dryness. Even more serious side effects like blistering, skin cracking, and blue-black darkening of the skin can also occur.

Why you should take a hydroquinone holiday? Avoiding sun exposure is imperative while using hydroquinone because it can actually make your skin vulnerable to sun damage, like sun spots. People who use hydroquinone during the not-so-sunny months should transition to products that provide safe lightening in the summer when they’ll be spending more time enjoying the great outdoors. Hydroquinone also has cell-killing activity on your pigment-producing skin cells and therefore has the potential to damage the cell. This means that it works to reduce the amount of melanin (the pigmentation cell) that your skin produces which makes your skin more susceptible to the damage of UVA and UVB rays, like sunburn.

White flowers with White Lightening (Whtie Lightening Complex, White Lightening Serum) Why switch to WHITE LIGHTENING? By switching from hydroquinone lightening products to products like WHITE LIGHTENING COMPLEX and WHITE LIGHTENING SERUM , you can maintain skin health rather than being tough on the skin. There is no need to sacrifice skin health for the lightening goal. WHITE LIGHTENING products are enriched with Norwegian kelp extract, mushroom extract and bearberry extract that help even out skin pigmentation as they target age spots and melasma. This duo not only safely brightens the complexion, but each product also has other benefits. WHITE LIGHTENING SERUM smoothes and softens the skin while helping to reduce pore size and even prevent breakouts. WHITE LIGHTENING COMPLEX rejuvenates the look of aging skin, increases skin hydration, and provides controlled exfoliation.

These products do far more than improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and they do it all without hydroquinone. Step into summer with a smile knowing you can safely and effectively lighten your complexion without the added risk that comes with using hydroquinone. Safer. Faster. Results with WHITE LIGHTENING.