skin habits need to be broken

You cleanse, you treat, you hydrate and you protect, but somehow your skin isn’t as radiant and glowing as you want it to be. There could be a very good reason for this – you may be doing these seemingly normal things to your skin without realizing that they are actually doing more harm than good. We know that you may get into a habit without ever realizing it, but these 9 skin habits need to be broken ASAP!

1. Using gritty exfoliants.

Getting rid of dead skin cells and deep-cleansing your pores shouldn’t hurt or irritate your skin. Toss out those gritty scrubs because these types of exfoliants actually strip away your natural oils, cause inflammation and can clog your pores. The whole point of exfoliating is to renew your skin, improve skin texture, and help prevent breakouts. If your exfoliant is doing just the opposite, it’s time to toss it in the trash.

Gritty Exfoliants

2.Overlooking sunscreen in certain areas.

Applying sunscreen all over your face is SO important (kudos to you if you do it daily!) but there are areas that most people miss because they don’t even think about it. Your hairline? Your ears? Your jawline? Neck? Yes, all those areas need to be protected too! Skin cancer doesn’t just show up on major skin areas – skin cancer can be found on those small, forgettable areas (like your ears). So break the habit and put sunscreen on all exposed areas of your skin!


3. Ignoring your neck and chest.

Let’s face it, how many times have you completely skipped out on washing your neck and chest at night? It’s easy to just wash your face after a long day when all you can think about is closing your eyes. We’ve been there – but skipping your neck and chest isn’t going to help! Those areas need to be taken care of too, because they can break out and develop dark spots and wrinkles just like your face!

4. Smoking.

Smoking has some serious side effects for your skin. It can cause premature aging and wrinkles and studies show that smokers look about 1.4 years older than non-smokers. That may seem small, but it can definitely catch up to you! Smoking also breaks down the fibers and connective tissue in your skin which leads to loss of skin elasticity and strength.


Makeup brushes

5. Using dirty makeup brushes.

How often do you really clean your makeup brushes? If you do it often, that’s great, but if not, we highly suggest getting into that habit. Cleaning your makeup brushes is very important because built-up makeup, oil, and bacteria get trapped in the bristles which can cause breakouts. We suggest washing your makeup brushes at least once a month. Just clean brushes with a fragrance free soap and then let them air dry. Also, make sure to protect your makeup brushes from exposure to your haircare products, like sprays and perfumes, which can also create mystery sensitivities.

6. Sleeping with your makeup on.

This is a big no-no! You should always wash your face before you go to bed – especially if you’re wearing makeup. We know, sometimes, when your eyes won’t stay open and your body is yelling at you to just go to sleep, that it can be incredibly tempting to just skip cleansing and head straight to bed. But while you’re asleep, your makeup gets pushed deeper into your pores from your pillow, which can cause breakouts (and your makeup also leaves a residue on your pillow!). It can also cause irritation, which inflames the skin and causes premature aging. But, good news - there are new technologies , such as lightweight cream cleansers, that can work without water - wiping away make-up quickly while cleansing away bacteria that can lead to pesky breakouts.

7. Popping pimples! Don’t do it!

We know it’s tempting when you see that little whitehead setting up camp on your face, but don’t pop it. Popping pimples actually makes your pimple worse. It pushes the bacteria deeper into your pores, therefore making the pimple stick around for longer than it would have. Popping pimples also causes injury to the skin, which may cause infection and scarring. So, as much as you want to pop that pimple, just don’t!

Popping Pimple

8. Tanning.

Yes, you may want to have beautiful bronzed skin, but it’s not worth the risk of skin cancer. When you are in the sun, your skin tries to protect itself from the continued exposure by thickening and producing melanin (the pigment that darkens skin). Any kind of pigment change from UVA or UVB light can cause premature aging and increases the likelihood of skin cancer. So instead of laying out in the sun, get yourself a spray tan!

9. Not giving nutrition back to your skin with antioxidants.

Think of antioxidants as a 401k for your skin – they help protect against future damage. In addition to topical antioxidants, having a healthy diet helps replenish the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. They deplete as we age, so supplying nutrition back to the skin is vital to healthy-looking skin. So stop your bad skin diet and gain the benefit of great cellular health!

The next time you go to pop a pimple or fall asleep without washing your make-up off, remember that your skin health is important - and if you want that beautiful, radiant looking skin, you’ve got to kick those habits for good.