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Have you always wanted to look as beautiful and flawless as the celebrities that walk the red carpet on Oscar night? We know we have, but let’s face it – we don’t exactly have a glam squad or a six-figure budget to help us get ready. You likely don’t either, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look absolutely stunning for a big night – whether it’s a wedding, work event, reunion, or an actual red carpet event. Here are our tips and tricks to get you “red-carpet” ready for your next big event.

The first step to perfect makeup is a smooth, clear canvas. But before you even start applying your makeup, you must prep your skin. The best way to prep your skin before a big night is to exfoliate. Exfoliating is an easy way to revive your skin by gently removing the dry and dead skin cells that cause a rough skin texture. We love to begin our skin prep by using TRI-ACTIVE EXFOLIANT. This break-through product combines powerful botanical enzymes, salicylic acid, and eco-friendly micro-beads which provide ideal physical and biochemical exfoliation. TRI-ACTIVE EXFOLIANT dramatically helps smooth, brighten, and soften your skin. This awesome product also helps minimize pore size and helps reduce breakouts.

Next, make sure you are using a moisturizer that actually benefits your skin and helps keep it hydrated all day and night. We love to use REPARATIVE MOISTURE EMULSION as a moisturizing makeup prep. It deeply hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. This is especially important before you put on foundations, bronzers, and blushes that can look cakey or flaky if the skin isn’t well-hydrated. REPARATIVE MOISTURE EMULSION provides penetrating and surface hydration, so you won’t have to worry about your skin your big night.

If your skin is more oily, prep with HYDRA-COOL SERUM for hydration that lasts all day or night. This product is formulated to rejuvenate, hydrate, and soothe the skin. It’s a refreshing, powerful, penetrating serum that combines superior antioxidants with essential botanicals and bio-nutrients. HYDRA-COOL SERUM can be used to cool, calm, and soothe dry, irritated skin as it provides intensive, penetrating hydration. It’s perfect for prepping your skin for makeup and you can even add a drop to your liquid foundation to get a beautiful dewy glow.

HYDRA-COOL SERUM and Accesories

Once you’ve applied your makeup, we suggest using COPPER FIRMING MIST as the final touch. This refreshing spritz offers potent antioxidant protection and defends against the signs of aging, while instantly firming, hydrating, and smoothing the skin. It also helps regulate sebum production, which keeps that skin from looking oily. The added bonus is that it sets your makeup for the entire night.

Now that you have some tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be looking “red-carpet” ready in no time. Taking the time to prep your skin is truly important because healthy skin is what truly makes you glow!